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Picture explained: Needless to say, Nina the chihuahua is the top dog around here. She's Maddie's fur baby.

Available for Initial Consultations and Private/Duo Lessons. Teaches Equipment Pilates, Reformer Pilates and Mums and Bubs Pilates. 

Maddie is a movement specialist and is very passionate about pilates. She started her pilates journey as a young child. First, through dance, and then inspired by her mother, Robyn who opened the first Pilates Studio In The Hills. The first Pilates Studio In The Hills was opened in Castle Hill in 2000. By Participating and observing pilates sessions in her mother’s studio, Maddie became fascinated by the pilates method. She loved seeing the impact pilates had on people and how it was able to positively change people’s lives. Maddie worked with the team at Castle Hill from 2006 - 2013. In late 2013, she left the Castle Hill studio to open the Rouse Hill Studio.


In 2006, Maddie finished school to pursue her passion as a personal trainer and pilates instructor. She first studied through TAFE and STOTT Pilates to obtain her qualifications. After that Maddie went on to study a Diploma of Pilates Instruction through Polestar Pilates and graduated in 2011. 


Today, Maddie is constantly looking for ways to improve herself as a pilates instructor and movement specialist. She has gone on to become a mentor for Polestar Pilates - the international leaders for pilates instruction education.


Maddie has an easy-going, welcoming energy. She loves to laugh! With her friendly demeanour, she has helped many people with a wide range of conditions and injuries. Maddie’s passion for pilates over the last 13 years has evolved into a love of rehabilitation and sports. She is now more passionate than ever.


Maddie is excited to help you with your health and fitness goals!



Picture explained: Wendy is always up for hanging out. She loves a good glass of wine and cheese platter. She also loves hanging upside down on the cadillac. Lucky she's got abs of steel to hold her up there!



Picture explained: Wendy is always up for hanging out. She also loves hanging upside down on the cadillac. Lucky she's got abs of steel to hold her up there!

Available for Initial Consultations and Private/Duo Lessons. Teaches Equipment Pilates and Prenatal and Postnatal Pilates. 

Wendy, our Senior Pilates Instructor is an enthusiastic and inspiring pilates educator. Her focus is to allow each human being to feel their functional body move freely and without judgement through the pilates method. Wendy will see you to triumph in each session whilst keeping any restrictions, injuries and wellbeing needs as paramount.

Wendy has a passion for movement and educating people. In 2012, Wendy undertook a Diploma of Movement Therapy with Insight Movement Training Centre (IMTC) at Wollongong Pilates Studio. She trained under the guidance of one of the founding members of the Australian Pilates Method Association (APMA), Donna Oliver. Wendy then continued her education under the guidance of mentor, Sherrie Aprilovic, working at the first clinical pilates studio in the Macarthur Area in 2013. Wendy continues to further her education under the guidance of many esteemed pilates practitioners. 

Wendy holds a Bachelor of Business Management degree from Western Sydney University. She has also completed her Certificate IV in Fitness with Fitnance Australia in 2016 and is a qualified personal trainer. 

Wendy currently holds a Level 3 APMA (Australian Pilates Method Association) Pilates Teacher Registration. She sits on the APMA Council and is the Chair of the Education Subcommittee. 

Wendy is passionate about her students reaching their individual goals. She develops programs that allow for each individual to intuitively seek what their body needs, whilst providing results in a safe space using contemporary rehabilitation/clinical approaches, underpinned by the Joseph Pilates Method. 

She looks forward to working with you.



Picture explained: Sam loves her cheeky pooch, Franklin. She also has another sausage dog, Ranger. She loves her furry children!

Available for Initial Consultations and Private/Duo Lessons.

Samantha is a professional dancer who graduated from Ed5 international in 2007 with a Certificate IV in Performing Arts. She has travelled the world dancing professionally. Through her dance career she was introduced to pilates. She found pilates helped her achieve her goals, conditioning and preparing her mind and body for performing.


In 2016, Samantha completed her Diploma in Pilates Instruction with Pilates International Training Centre. She is now inspired to share her love and knowledge of pilates with her clients.

Samantha is excited to work with you!



Picture explained: Kylie doing a side plank. She loves doing them with one leg in the air because it makes it more challenging.

Kylie discovered pilates after the birth of her two children left her with pelvic instability and pain. After only a few months of regular equipment classes she found her posture, muscle strength and body awareness improved beyond any expectations. 


Kylie's experience as a client gave her a deep admiration for pilates. She noticed that no matter what fitness level, age or body type you are, you can become stronger, healthier and more flexible through pilates.


As a Matwork instructor, Kylie has a strong desire to continue her pilates education and bring this knowledge into each and every class. Kylie brings an enthusiastic and bubbly personality to her teaching and enjoys helping others experience the benefits that pilates has to offer.

Kylie can't wait to welcome you into her Matwork class!



Picture explained: Sam loves her coffee! She almost loves coffee as much as pilates!

Sam's pilates journey two years ago. She wanted to improve her flexibility and increase her overall strength, especially her core strength.


Sam says that pilates has completely changed her body and how she moves in everyday life. Not only does she now have a stronger core, it has helped boost her confidence in everyday life. 


Sam realised pilates was more than a hobby and was something she wanted to help others discover too. She trained with Polestar Australia in 2018.


Sam can’t wait to share all her knowledge and help you fall in love with pilates. 



Picture explained: Teresa loves using the reformer machine to work her core muscles. 

In her best friend’s lounge room back in 2001, Teresa popped on a Mari Winsor Pilates VHS and started counting to 100. It was here that she found her core, along with her love of pilates. Teresa continued mastering her personal practise, discovering the myriad of benefits that pilates has for both the body and the mind.


Teresa decided to turn her hobby into her career. She completed her studies with Polestar Pilates Studio and AMP Pilates and Fitness in 2018. She has a Rehab Certification. 

Teresa can't wait to meet you, teach you and share her love of pilates with you. 



Picture explained: Lemora loves coming up with new ways to use the equipment... like this variation using the reformer and spine corrector!

Lemora’s journey into Pilates began 11 years ago, when she found Pilates, like so many others, through Injury and also a long held curiosity about....”What is this “Pilates”?
Lemora’s awareness of Pilates, was due to her early child to teen years being trained in Ballet, and other forms of dance.Her passion for the Wellness Industry began over 20 years ago, as Lemora comes from the Beauty, Massage and Spa Industry.

She has owned and operated a Boutique Salon in the Sydney area over the past 5 years, as she continued her studies and personal practice in the areas of Studio/Rehab and Reformer Pilates courses through Polestar, here in Australia and also in Asia.

Pilates practice was instrumental in helping Lemora combat the Repetitive Strain Injuries that were sustained over time, due to the hands on and physical nature of her work as a therapist. Continued Pilates practice has helped relieve pain, specifically, in the areas of wrist and elbow tendonitis, kyphotic postural issues and sciatica.
After years of working on the superficial body to promote health and relaxation, she now utilizes her knowledge of anatomy, to work on a deeper level with clients to bring about deep change within their bodies.

She loves nothing more than to help people achieve their goals, and learn new functional movement patterns, that can help them lead, active, happier pain-free lives.
Lemora’s other passions include a strong interest in Nutrition, Exercise Physiology, practicing mindfulness and getting back to nature through hiking or camping trips.
After 10 years of living in Japan, Hong Kong, and Europe and traveling, her other passion is discovering different cultures, traditions, and sociology.
Lemora’s main drive is to help people find freedom within their bodies, that can only come from learning the functional movement and the practical method that Pilates can teach to each and every body from all walks of life.



Picture explained: When Kylie isn't working at the studio or doing pilates, she makes beaded jewellery. She loves being able to channel her creativity into beautiful things people can wear.

Kylie's pilates journey started 8 years ago when she attended classes at the Castle Hill Studio. Her love for Pilates has grown ever since.


Kylie now combines her love of pilates with working at the studio. She is kind, warm and helpful.

She is looks forward to meeting you!



Picture explained: When Sara isn't working at the studio or doing pilates, she's studying! 

Sara first got involved with the Pilates Studio in the Hills as a teen at the Castle Hill Studio.

She is now studying law at university and combining her loves of pilates and organisation as a receptionist in the studio.

When not in the studio you will likely find her studying for university or lounging in the sun with a book in hand (and possibly with a gin and tonic in the other).



Picture explained: When Lotus isn't working at the studio and doing pilates, she's teaching ballet and making podcasts. 

Lotus was first a client at the studio and now gets to combine her love of pilates and social media. 

Her love of pilates stems from a childhood that was filled with dance - ballet, jazz, tap, you name it! She now teaches ballet to young children. Pilates has helped her develop a strong understanding of how the body moves.

She also studies a Bachelor of Marketing and Media and is super passionate about making radio. Her big dream is to start her own podcast! In her spare time, you can find her painting, playing futsal and sneaking in a pilates class at the studio.



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