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What Is Pilates?

The Classical Pilates Equipment

The Pilates Reformer

The reformer is in a word - versatile. It encourages correct alignment and muscle activation of the whole body. There are a huge range of exercises which can be performed on the reformer from basic, to rehabilitation, to advanced.


The Pilates Wunda Chair

It is a unique piece of equipment both in design and performance. Many of the exercises allow you to feel childlike again ; balancing, stabilising and defying gravity. Other exercises are designed to improve overall functional movements.


The Pilates Trap Table

It actually has a trapeze like bar ! It is also called the Cadillac. It provides a base for many unique movements that cannot be done in the same way anywhere else – such as the Monkey, Butterfly and Teaser. It is also a stable base for those who need support and rehabilitation type exercises to improve their range of movement and everyday function.